Digital at Work is a range of services from G Acceleration to support the use of technology in the workplace.

Adapting to new ways of working

Supporting teams working at home, in the office, onsite and in the field

Helping organisations introduce new communication channels

Although the lockdown is being relaxed, we can expect social distancing to remain for some time. Homeworking will continue for many, while travel will be reduced and meetings in confined spaces avoided.

To help companies adapt to these new ways of working G Acceleration has introduced a low-cost support package to help organisations introduce digital tools and techniques to support how their teams meet, communicate and collaborate. This includes solutions to:

  • Host effective and productive online meetings
  • Support remote communication
  • Enable remote collaboration

Plus bespoke digital skills training to support new ways of working

Support Package

New Ways of Working

Costing just £150.00 G Acceleration has developed a package of support to help organisations explore how they can adapt to new ways of working. This includes:

  • Links to a wide range of tools and techniques to
    • enhance online meetings including increasing engagement and participation
    • support and encourage remote communication
    • enable remote collaboration.
  • A 90-minute online workshop for up to three delegates, demonstrating a selection of the tools available and providing an opportunity to explore and discuss the solutions as a team
  • Three monthly updates with news about new tools and integrations

For more information please call Gerald Crittle on 07827 335918 or email

Host Effective and Productive Online Meetings

Zoom, Teams and other communication tools have been very valuable in keeping teams connected during these challenging times. However, there is a danger of Zoom fatigue or meetings with lots of chat with very limited outcomes. This does not have to be the case as meetings can be enhanced by introducing additional tools and techniques.

If you have had enough of the chat and are ready to host productive meetings we can help you explore tools to support engagement and participation.

If you’ve taken part in a badly run meeting over Zoom, Skype or Teams, you’ll know how easy it is to lose your audience. This can be avoided by introducing whiteboards and other engagement tools.

With an ever-growing plethora of tools available, it can be difficult to know which ones to introduce. Taking part in the 90-minute workshop will help you select solutions that fit with your organisation

Whether you’re a reluctant online host or a digital devotee keen to get more from your meetings, we’re here to help.

Support Remote Communication and Collaboration

New ways of working and the continued requirement for social distancing will require changes in how we communicate and share information within organisations. For example, construction companies may have a combination of a skeleton crew in the office, teams on multiple sites and employees working from home. In such situations, the traditional face-to-face show and tell method of explaining tasks or providing instruction may no longer be appropriate.

Now may be the time to introduce digital tools that support communication and collaboration. G Acceleration can take you through a range of options and help you select the ones that meet your needs.

We can help you explore the many low-cost tools and techniques to support effective remote communication and collaboration.

Keeping everyone ‘on the same page’ will be a challenge so now is a good time to introduce new collaboration tools.

Our package of support will save you hours of research and help ensure your remote teams remain productive.

For more information please call Gerald Crittle on 07827 335918 or email

Improving Digital Skills

We recognise that for some moving online will be a challenge as not everyone has the required digital skills or the time to learn new applications. With this in mind, we offer to provide bespoke digital skills training to meet your needs.

Bespoke help for members of your team who do not have the digital skills or confidence to work remotely

For more information please call Gerald Crittle on 07827 335918 or email