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DigitalAt.Work is a service  from G Acceleration to help businesses from all sectors discover, adopt and benefit from digital technologies.

The use of digital tools can have a dramatic impact on productivity and efficiency but introducing technology can be a challenge for busy organisations.

We provide impartial, independent support and advice.

In March 2017 the UK Government published: A digital strategy for a digital economy which identified the need to develop Digital Skills and provide businesses with the knowledge to select and adopt technology.

Digital Skills

“We need to support everyone to develop the skills they need to participate in the digital economy and help all businesses harness the productivity benefits of digital innovation.”   A digital strategy for a digital economy

Digital Knowledge

“We need to help all businesses become as productive and competitive as those who are in the vanguard: adopting digital technologies will be crucial to this. To make sure businesses have the knowledge and means to access this technology … ” A digital strategy for a digital economy

Improving business performance through the use of technology

Accelerating the adoption of digital technologies to improve productivity and efficiency

Discover how technology can improve productivity within your business


Develop the digital skills required to improve efficiency


Receive impartial, independent advice that focuses on your needs

G Acceleration Providing Practical Support for ‘Digital’ at Work


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Digital Training

Remove the barriers to the use of technology
Redesign processes to streamline activities
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